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News and Service Indications

Here you will find recent Information and service indications for our infrastructure. If you are interested to receive these informations via email, please subscribe to We are using this list to announce technical issues, maintenance windows and the results of these proceedings.

2021-30-03: Overleaf Instance in the C.S.Dept./B-IT

For all users of the c.s. Dept and the B-IT, we are now maintaining an overleaf instance for collaborative publishing.

More Informations about this can be found here

2021-03-01: New SSH Login Servers

We deployed two new ssh login servers for you:

for staffers: for students:

The new fingerprints are available at the usual URL:

The old servers will be available for you until friday (2021-03-05, 9:00am). At that time we will shut them down and redirect their DNS names to the new servers for some time to aid your migration there.